Welcome to the European Association for Human Rights website

The European Association for Human Rights is a French-registered organization which campaigns for the promotion, advancement and protection of human rights and the promotion and support of people on death row in the USA.  It is an international organization which includes activists from many different countries. The association is primarily aimed at prisoners in particularly difficult situations to help them overcome their social, financial, mental or emotional difficulties and health problems. Our aim is to offer the prisoners and those wishing to help them a platform for informational exchange and financial assistance for prisoners.

Our association is primarily concerned with promoting the welfare of prisoners. Our work is especially focused on day-to-day financial assistance for death row* prisoners, information exchange and of course, the abolition of the death penalty.

Rather than try to work superficially on a large number of projects, we prefer to give personal attention in order to create a more dynamic input for individual cases.

More information and answers to questions can be found here.

With this project, we aim to allow ALL death row prisoners who wish to be on our exchange platform to be in touch with people in the free world.


We urge prisoners to contact in order to publish and sell their books, memories, poems, … Profits from these sales provide assistance for the writers, the association taking a small percentage of the sale price in order to assist another inmates in buying food and medication.


Our project is geared towards helping prisoners who do not have the necessary support on death row. We will also aim to help every new prisoner arriving on death row by sending money to his/her inmate account for the provision of his or her daily needs