Interview with Gerald Marshall

By Isabelle Skiba


Interview with Gerald Marshall

September 14, 2015  By Isabelle Skiba


Hello, Gerald Marshall, you are the author of 999489 From Foster Care To Texas Death Row, an auto publication. Internet users and your readers will not necessarily know you, can you talk about your background?

My Background? It’s complicated because I don’t really know much about my history. But some Basic Background. I was born in County Texas a small town. My dad was stationed there in the Army. I have three siblings, but grew up away from them in a foster home. My history is incomplete because I don’t know much about it.

Do you like to read ? It is often said that it need to read alot to write, what do you think?

They tell you if you want to be a successful writer then you must read. So I read Every day! It’s My outlet to stress, but also helps me learn different people’s writing styles.

Since when do you write? Have you written anything else other than your autobiography?

I started writing when I came to death row. It was something I had to do. There No telephone or other stuff here. You either write or you don’t communicate with people. For me, it’s always a drive to learn and do/accomplish different things. So naturally, I started taking writing seriously. And started studying ways to write to better Express myself. As of right now I have not written any other books.

Do you have writing projects? Can you elaborate?

Do I have other writing projects? Yes, I have several books that I plan on getting published in the coming years. I have an at risk teen book ,that I hope to distribute to all juveniles in prison. I have another book about being on Death Row for over 100 years. I want to be a very successful writer.

What is the importance of having several version of your book? Your book is it selling well?

I have several versions of the book, In order to reach a larger audience. That is my hope. The book is not selling as well as I would have hoped.

Turning to questions about your book, are you proud of your book?

The book is so emotional for me that I haven’t read it but I am proud to have it in print. I guess you or one could say that this book was a way for me to let go of all the bad things that happened to me. It was therapy, and so I forgave a lot of the people who did bad things to me, when I was a kid.

Your arrival in the death row is quite sudden, what do you think personally?

Yes, they send prisoners to Death Row quickly, because it’s a mental play to weaken the prisoner. The fact I came so quickly helped me though. I’ve been on my own all my life, so as though Every play they have to hurt me, helped in the long run.

How did you manage to make your case known to the public?

I made my case known, to the public by writing a lot of the existing Organizations. Hoping that one of them work on my case. They all communicate and slowly my Innocence became know to a lot of people.

Talking about the future, what do you hope for your future? Do you have any priority?

The future? Of course I’d love to get off Death Row and live a normal life in society, but the reality is that I’m on the last few Appeals. I could be dead in a few years. I see so many of my friends say: I’m in the 5th Circuit Appeals Court then they all end up with a date after that. This worries Me naturally.

I hope the future holds the best for me. But only time will tell.

What do you tell your readers and future readers maybe?

Thank everyone for buying my book. I’m hoping to create a better life for my son as well as get the best possible representation that I need. For those who have, thank you. Thank you as well for doing this interview.

Be safe

Thank you very much for the interview you granted me. I look forward to the release of your future books.

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