Pelican bay state prison California – Desinique Rivers- Imagery

By Desinique Rivers

Picture me before you. You before me. We see each other for the first time.

I take you into my arms, wrap you just above your waist and embrace you tightly. Your arms go around my neck. We hold the embrace for a moment, then I pull back slightly to go face-to-face with you. I press my forehead gently against yours. We look eyes, peer into each others souls for what seems like forever, but is actually only a moment. In that moment it is as if we have always known each other. As if we always been together, we lay bare to each other, hearts explosed, no secret is kept.

I raise my hands to your head in another embrace. I pull you hair back, a bit my thumbs massaging your temple, I lift my head to kiss your forehead very soft and gentle, before stepping back to take you all in, reaching out to hold both of your hands. – Another moment.

Then, finally pulling you close to me. I next hold your face in my hands, make our foreheads touch again before kissing you hard on the lips.

Our meeting begins.