Associations day

By European Association for Human Rights

The E A H R took part in the French Associations Day held at Douai on October 9th 2016, attended by some 5000 people.

The aim of our presence was to meet with the visitors and discuss the French attitude regarding the death penalty. This was found to be very diverse but ideas and points of view were exchanged with respect for each other’s opinions.

Proposals were made to organize further conferences regarding the death penalty in order that we might gain more help for Gerald Marshal and other death-row inmates.

Our “I AM AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY” project was particularly appreciated because it has been created to help inmate’s children.

Our response to a question frequently put to us – ‘What do you do that Amnesty International doesn’t already do?’ is that we concentrate more on individual cases rather than mass opposition, supporting death row inmates and their families morally, emotionally and financially.

Some visitors actually came up with the answers before I had time to reply and our projects were respected and well-received.

Our special thanks go to 13 year-old Tamara who accompanied me, as chairwoman, to the meeting.



Video is available on this link or on our you tube chain