DOOLY STATE PRISON GEORGIA – How to start the day

By a prisoner in Georgia : M. Art

Morning Prayer!
From the crown of my head to the soles of my feet
I give to Jesus my being complete,
For guidance and wisdom throughout this day,
Every step I take,every word that I say.
Cause me to meet the ones I should see
Help me to speak the words I should say,
Keep me from folks,whoever they be,
Unless I can help them or they can help me.
Help me treat others as I’d have them treat me
And as I forgive others, Dear Lord,forgive me.
Temper each word and act with Your love
And give me the wisdom that comes from above.
Keep me from sickness, accident and sin
And help me be patient and kind to all men(humans)
Give me faith and hope,I humbly pray
With courage and strength throughout the day.
I thank You for life, for home and love
For food and raiment- gifts from above-.
Thank you for Jesus who died to save me from sin,
For life everlasting through His name-.