By Julius Jones


This daily twisted systematical prying

sentrics, with the miseries they’re supplying

all the sadistic manipulative Falsifying

& Everybody’s so nonchalant, it’s tongue-tying

I’m so Fed-up with betrayal, my spirits frying

yet I fight on ( 4 others), it’s demystifying

so promising me 4over is disqualifying

just Grant me moments, each days trying

I can respect what honesty’s signifying

it’s Genuine Authenticity 4 which i’m vying

these day dreams, the prayerful scrying

if I said I was suicidal, I’d be lying

but the compassion in me is Expiring

usually, I let this pin do the crying

baring my Artwork, the Prophesying

the screaming, the cursing, the Eye Drying

maybe there’s more comfort in dying …

JuWels Ur Nauty Poet !