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We appreciate your interest in becoming a member

With your membership you are indicating what is of utmost importance: the promotion, development and protection of human rights!

Do you want to:

  • support human rights work?

  • give hope to people in inhumane surroundings or emergency situations?

  • help to save lives?


Then you should join our association as an active or passive member or as a sponsor.

We offer

  • the opportunity to be socially engaged

  • exchanges with like-minded people in French-speaking countries and internationally

  • collaboration on current projects and the incorporation of your ideas

  • absolute transparency on the use of our resources


We offer three different types of membership so that you can choose the best way for you to help:

Type of membership :  Annual membership fee

active member : 20 Euro

passive member : 20 Euro 

sponsors : 50 Euro

If you are interested in becoming a member, please Print, Fill out and Send this form to : 

European Association for Human rights

423 rue robert salé

62110 Hénin-Beaumont


Which type of membership is best for you?

Active membership: Active members will be informed about current projects, upcoming events, future developments and our successes regularly by mail or by website. Topics, planned projects and developments can be discussed in our online forum. Active members can contribute according to their availability, interests or skills in their chosen fields. This can include typing work, translations, social media, letter writing etc. New ideas are welcome.

Passive membership: Passive membership is for individuals who have no time for active participation, but are interested in current developments of the association. There is always the option of switching to active membership. Passive members will also be regularly informed by mail or by website about current projects, upcoming events, future developments and our successes. Topics, planned projects and developments can also be discussed in our online forum.

Sponsors: Sponsors support the club financially. This type of membership is ideal for companies which want to support a good cause. It is also a way of support for people who have no time for active engagement but who still want to contribute to human rights work. Sponsors have no vote in the general assembly. They don’t join meetings. Our website will inform sponsors about current projects and our successes. The minimum contribution for a sponsor is €50 each year.

Payment options

You can pay your membership fee or your donation as a sponsor by regular bank transfer to our bank account or by PayPal.

Payment by bank transfer

Account holder: European Association for Human Rights 

Bank : Caisse d’épargne

Bank Code: 16275

Branch code: 00626

Account number: 08000139866

Key: 29

IBAN: FR7616275006260800013986629


There may be high fees for a regular bank transfer from another country to our French bank account. In this case we recommend sending money online by using PayPal.

Payment by PayPal

Send your payment securely and conveniently online via PayPal ( by using our registered e-mail address

Donation receipts

Donation receipts can be sent for all donations and membership fees over €200 or by request. This receipt can be used for your taxes. It will be written in French with additional English information for your tax office. The tax receipt should be valid for most countries of the European Union regarding the Persche case. The ECJ has ruled that tax laws which discriminate against donations to public-benefit organisations based in other EU Member States are against the EC Treaty, as long as the recipient organisations based in other Member States are to be considered “equivalent” to resident public benefit organisations.  Please be sure to send us your name, your address or e-mail address with the donation, so we can send you the certificate via e-mail or mail. Companies must also specify the company’s name.

Termination of membership

A termination of membership as an active member, passive member or sponsor is always possible at the end of the year’s membership. The request for termination must be sent in written form and must be sent eight weeks prior to the actual termination date.