Care Packages for Prisoners

When prisoners are sentenced to death in Texas, they are sent to death row which is located in Livingston, Polunsky Unit. There they are housed in isolation. It takes sometimes months for them to receive stamps, or paper and envelopes to write their loved ones. Furthermore, the majority of death row inmates has no financial resources. Many of them are not able to buy toiletries, extra food, new prisoner clothes or stamps. Since there is no support from the state, the prisoners have to pay the costs themselves.  

We want to help prisoners who first come to death row by sending paper, envelopes and hygenic supplies to get conditioned to Texas death row. We also allow poor inmates to buy essential goods and necessities. Our association can order products in authorized online stores or we send money to the prisoner’s commissary account so that he can order the products he needs from the commissary directly at prison.

Support our project “Care Packages for Prisoners” and “Give Hope” to a Texas death row inmate! 

Up to now we helped the following inmates on Texas’ death row once or regularly to purchase books, new clothes, food, toiletries, stationary and stamps:


  • Naim Muhammad #999582

  • Joe Luna #999509

  • Eric Cathey #999228

  • Travis James Mullis #999563

  • Duane Buck #999231

  • Joe Franco Garza Jr #999354

  • Gerald Edward Marshall #999489

  • Arnold Prieto #999149

  • Armando Leza #999548

  • Steven Long #999514

  • and others (not public because of legal reasons)


Here you find a shopping list of the Polunsky Unit Livingston (TX)