Who I am ….

By Gerald Marshall

“That allows people to understand who I am.
I want to further my art, my writing and learning new languages, but there is always the worry about death.  Not being here in 2016, 2017, etc …
Yes these thoughts must not allow this to get me down.” –   Gerald Marshall



I hope that you will send me some positivity through

By Gerald Marshall

“My life has been filled with so much negativity that I hope that you will send me some positivity through your letters. It would be a great help for me through this isolation….”  -Gerald Marshall-

Please Write to

Gerald E. Marshall 999489
Polunsky Unit Death Row 
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, Texas 77351


Jaelon Marshall is happy with his Birthday gift

By European Association for Human Rights

Today, European Association for Human rights is happy to share with you a picture of Jaelon, Gerald Marshall’s son.

For his birthday, we sent him clothes and shoes. It’s a happy young man who thank us.

Our organization always tries to help children on death row’s inmates in Texas.   This is part of our project “Protected Childhood”



By European Association for Human Rights

Dear members, activists, and defender of human rights,

The European Association for Human Rights and myself brings all of our best wishes for this new year, for you and your family. 2016 gives you joy, health, happiness and professional and familiales success .

I hope our association brings you great pleasure, in your dedication and you still are with us among our most loyal members for many years, furthermore , why not, the members of your family and friends interested in our activities.

I hope the efforts in the fight against the death penalty in Texas meet your expectations and your requests is available to listen to any suggestions in this regard.

Let this year associative to be full joys, meetings, exchanges and above all Freedom, and more pleasant than the previous.

Renewing you my best wishes for this new year, please accept, Dear members and future members, the assurance of my best regards.

This word , FREEDOM , should be the word most enjoyed of 2016!

Isabelle Skiba



Christmas gifts to Jaelon Marshall

By European Association For Human Rights

Jaelon Marshall  is a child of sentenced to death. Gerald Marshall ‘s son.Donations we received allowed to offer these Christmas gift from a father to his son.

The relationship between parent / child is paramount in processuce intervention with these young people. They need parental stability to experience new things, and to open up a new world, a new manner of seeing his future.

The well being of prisoners is equally important, for the joy of her child, allows him to stay strong and fight even harder to regain his freedom!May this Christmas be the last behind the walls and away from his son.

Merry Christmas Jealon ! Merry Christmas Gerald !

Merry Christmas of all prisoners on Texas death row .


Gerald’s case update

By European Association for Human Rights



A brief history of the investigation and cultivation of the State’s case against Mr. Marshall, as well as some background information on Mr. Marshall himself, is necessary to appreciate (1) the magnitude of the ineffectiveness of Mr. Marshall’s counsel, including the perfunctory and inept pre-trial investigation and (2) the extent of the State’s misconduct in prosecuting Mr. Marshall’s case, which combined to result in Mr. Marshall’s conviction and death sentence. Mr. Marshall’s claims for relief will follow this statement of facts.




The last point is very important: 

Mr. Marshall is Innocent. His Execution Would Constitute Cruel and
Unusual Punishment and Violate Due Process.

Evidence used to convict Mr. Marshall and sentence him to death was unreliable, and obtained and used in a manner that offends the Constitution for the reasons set forth in Mr.Marshall’s claims for relief, supra. State postconviction and federal habeas corpus counsel have mustered a persuasive case that Mr. Marshall is factually and legally innocent. His execution,therefore, would violate the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments. 

We got some good points, but the fight is far from over.
The full version is available to members on our website.



Birthday gifts to Jaelon Marshall

By European Association for Human Rights


The European Association for Human Rights to offered on October 7, 2015, birthday presents to a child of a death row inmate in Texas.

We are happy to help the boy to smile.

The young man received a gift from his dad because us. 

The relationship between parents sentenced to death and their children is paramount.

Thank you to those who have helped us realized this project through donations.

Happy Birthday Jaelon .

www.kizoa.com_bday's gifts

Interview with Gerald Marshall

By Isabelle Skiba


Interview with Gerald Marshall

September 14, 2015  By Isabelle Skiba


Hello, Gerald Marshall, you are the author of 999489 From Foster Care To Texas Death Row, an auto publication. Internet users and your readers will not necessarily know you, can you talk about your background?

My Background? It’s complicated because I don’t really know much about my history. But some Basic Background. I was born in County Texas a small town. My dad was stationed there in the Army. I have three siblings, but grew up away from them in a foster home. My history is incomplete because I don’t know much about it.

Do you like to read ? It is often said that it need to read alot to write, what do you think?

They tell you if you want to be a successful writer then you must read. So I read Every day! It’s My outlet to stress, but also helps me learn different people’s writing styles.

Since when do you write? Have you written anything else other than your autobiography?

I started writing when I came to death row. It was something I had to do. There No telephone or other stuff here. You either write or you don’t communicate with people. For me, it’s always a drive to learn and do/accomplish different things. So naturally, I started taking writing seriously. And started studying ways to write to better Express myself. As of right now I have not written any other books.

Do you have writing projects? Can you elaborate?

Do I have other writing projects? Yes, I have several books that I plan on getting published in the coming years. I have an at risk teen book ,that I hope to distribute to all juveniles in prison. I have another book about being on Death Row for over 100 years. I want to be a very successful writer.

What is the importance of having several version of your book? Your book is it selling well?

I have several versions of the book, In order to reach a larger audience. That is my hope. The book is not selling as well as I would have hoped.

Turning to questions about your book, are you proud of your book?

The book is so emotional for me that I haven’t read it but I am proud to have it in print. I guess you or one could say that this book was a way for me to let go of all the bad things that happened to me. It was therapy, and so I forgave a lot of the people who did bad things to me, when I was a kid.

Your arrival in the death row is quite sudden, what do you think personally?

Yes, they send prisoners to Death Row quickly, because it’s a mental play to weaken the prisoner. The fact I came so quickly helped me though. I’ve been on my own all my life, so as though Every play they have to hurt me, helped in the long run.

How did you manage to make your case known to the public?

I made my case known, to the public by writing a lot of the existing Organizations. Hoping that one of them work on my case. They all communicate and slowly my Innocence became know to a lot of people.

Talking about the future, what do you hope for your future? Do you have any priority?

The future? Of course I’d love to get off Death Row and live a normal life in society, but the reality is that I’m on the last few Appeals. I could be dead in a few years. I see so many of my friends say: I’m in the 5th Circuit Appeals Court then they all end up with a date after that. This worries Me naturally.

I hope the future holds the best for me. But only time will tell.

What do you tell your readers and future readers maybe?

Thank everyone for buying my book. I’m hoping to create a better life for my son as well as get the best possible representation that I need. For those who have, thank you. Thank you as well for doing this interview.

Be safe

Thank you very much for the interview you granted me. I look forward to the release of your future books.

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