Mi Gethsemane

By Julius Jones

Mi Gethsemane

Caged, day after day

hours in suppliction, I pray

is Justice, just a phone call away

Does this meditation hold any sway

people see the golden array

a smile, token on display

The faux laughter, so blasé

yet, beaming like the suns ray

but don’t know the toll, my souls to pay

my spirits resiliency’s in absolute decay

crushed by what his burdens weigh

Please O Father, dare I say

if it’s possible, let this cup pass away

keep the demons ( in my head) at bay

grant me resolve remord me like clay

as these deary walls enforce their dismay …

JuWels Ur Nauty Poet !


By Julius Jones


This daily twisted systematical prying

sentrics, with the miseries they’re supplying

all the sadistic manipulative Falsifying

& Everybody’s so nonchalant, it’s tongue-tying

I’m so Fed-up with betrayal, my spirits frying

yet I fight on ( 4 others), it’s demystifying

so promising me 4over is disqualifying

just Grant me moments, each days trying

I can respect what honesty’s signifying

it’s Genuine Authenticity 4 which i’m vying

these day dreams, the prayerful scrying

if I said I was suicidal, I’d be lying

but the compassion in me is Expiring

usually, I let this pin do the crying

baring my Artwork, the Prophesying

the screaming, the cursing, the Eye Drying

maybe there’s more comfort in dying …

JuWels Ur Nauty Poet !

Gerald Marshall’s birthday

By  The Chairwoman Isabelle Skiba

On July 11th 2017, Gerald Marshall  celebrated his 35th birthday.

On this occasion we had spread a message on social networks so that anyone wishing to send a greeting card to Gerald, will be welcome.

Also, Gerald sent to me a list of 3 books that he would like to receive.

Thank you to  Soul Sisters for made his special day more joyful. We wish you a Happy Birthday Gerald. In the assurance that we all think very strongly of you.


Gift to Jaelon Marshall

By Isabelle Skiba

Elaine Storley and Gerald Marshall are friends since some years. She take care of him and his son. Today, Elaine sent some gifts for Gerald’s son. How sweet she is.

Jaelon is waiting his dad to be release. The only link he can have with his father is through EAHR members.

Thank you very much Elaine. Jaelon will be so happy to receive these gifts from his dad via you. You are a blessings for them and us. <3





By Donald Ray Young

Fall Guy

What would it take
to heal and not kill?
Maybe I could
formulate a pill

I’d make it
Donald Trump and imperialism
would have no zeal

Cease attacks in the Middle East
Put an end to this
horrid beast
Fallen soldiers, rest in peace

There’ll be no more combat
Dress the wounds
Infliction pierce
mind and body

controls the nation
Super – sized
inequality feeds me

The great debate
All – time greatest orator
Speak your mind
First Amendment right

Who rolls the dice
for the undercaste,
the lowest
of the lower class?

Snake eyes,
What a surprise.
Would you like an order
of the bean pies?

I can only imagine
your staunch reply
as we look above
to our resentful sky

Don’t worry…
I’ll be the Fall Guy.

Donald Ray Young E-78474

P.O Box E-78474

CSP San Quentin

San Quentin – C 94974


Easter gifts to Jaelon Marshall

By  Elaine Storey.

Our heart is celebrating today,
No more snow, cold and rain,
Thanks to Spring, we are ready to believe,
When nature brings its message of hope,
And joy flows in our hearts,
Wishing everyone moments of happiness,
Let us take advantage of this period of peace,
To get rid of pretty thoughts,
As well as nice gifts for Jaelon,
But the most wonderful,
Will be his dad, Gerald, to be back home.

Happy Easter 2017 !


Report – Conference March 2017

By Isabelle Skiba – Chairwoman of EAHR

On March 09, 2017, the European Association for Human Rights was welcomed by Abbot Xavier Lemblé and his parish so that it could speak on the subject of the death penalty. A small group of about twenty people gathered on this occasion.

Conference by Isabelle Skiba, Chairwoman of the EAHR, accompanied by Robert, Secretary and member of the EAHR. We also received testimony from a person who participated actively in an execution (firing squad). It was a difficult and painful time for all but nevertheless necessary.

The conference was well received by the audience, understood and interested all participants. We are also delighted for help by purchasing books, wristbands, etc … as well as generous donations. Thank you again.

Video presented at the conference: Here

Video of the conference: Here



By Gerald Marshall

I want to thanks every one who has supported me through out this time on death row. Especially with the support of my son. I would not be able to and him anything if it would not be for your support .

I have a need, and I hope that you all can help me with this. My type writer is broken. I need a new one and I do not have the funds to pay for it. If you could make a contribution for me to buy a new one I would be very greatful for this.

Gerald Marshall  #999489

Donation can be send via Paypal: info@humanrights-association.org

Florida prison – Williams Files † – Gangstas in Pink

By William Files –  † 12/31/2015

Part I

Florida Department of Corrections is plagued with an antisocial disease known as Gunning, i.e. Male prisoners exposing their Penis and masturbating in full view of Female and others employees, especially The Nurses assigned to work in these institutions. In truth ones gender matters not at all, for I’ve seen some of these depraved animals gunning male officers as well as other inmates. For the most part such perverts are all gang members and Muslims who for some unknown reason Pride themselves an being able to mimic the perverse acts of some ANTHROPOIDEA in public zoo’s.
These are the same Animalistic Predator who go around boasting « yeah, date my babies Mamma, Did you heard me? »

Writing disciplinary reports for the perverse acts of monkeys in public zoo’s would be useless, just as such is pretty much a waste of time against the self proclaimed gangsta’s in Florida Department of Corrections Who see themselves as being untouchable since the secretary of Florida Department of Correction, i.e. Julie Jones cracked down on officers putting their hands on prisoners. No, what is needed is a more direct and yet comprehensive approach to the problem, a punishment designed to wake up and shake up those who disrespect people by exposing themselves and masturbating openly. « The following Punishment will accomplish just that ».

I propose that all inmates found guilty of exposing themselves and/or masturbating / gunning be given DR’s for the offense and rather than just have a pink face sheet placed upon the inmates door, these inmates should be assigned to wear « Hot pink pants ans shirts for no less than six months »While most females and Sissy’s love hot pink, being a so called gangsta wearing hot pink due to his perversions will break just about all of them, for such inmates will find it hard to explain to their love ones, and others why they are wearing « Hot pink » while other prisoners are wearing blues. Further, it should be mandatory that outside charges be filed when even an inmate is given a DR and found guilty of exposing himself and gunning, thus would the inmate be listed as a predator.

It is my belief that every nurse and most other female staff will support this proposal to the max, and as for the low life inmates, they would have no choice but to keep their things in their pants!

I could care less for or about the private company that runs medical, I do care for those nurses and other medical steff who treat me as a person and have been there when I was sick.

« Support the Nurses of this system »
« Approve pink »


A short time after I’d completed part one of Gangsta’s in pink, a nurse here at Santa Correctional Institution brought to my attention the following which I was able to substantiate by listening and observing those around me: “Gunning; i.e masturbating in the presence of female and other staff” is a major problem sickness among the inmate population. The shocking part is that a large portion of these perverts are Muslim, at least that’s what they claim to be white saying that Allah forgives all”.

Yesterday I listened to one Islamic on this wing as he explained to some of his Muslim brothers how all women “especially black women or hoes are meat”, meaning that all black females enjoy watching inmates masturbate!

I am a Jewish Prisoner and I pride myself on having studied a number of religions and observing and listening to those around me who claim to be Muslim causes me to ask if Allah or Muhammad really condemns suck sick acts or as with ISIS and its craziness, such acts are the deeds of Rabid renegades.”

I’ve listened to these perverts condemn homosexuals for their actions white. I’ve observed these same animals during their time in the day room, the strain trying to see under the dresses of the women and children, i.e. little girls on TV ” It’s really sad”.
And what really sickens me is that the mothers, fathers and these others who fill the voids in the lives of these perverted animals actually have feeling for these perverts! They write, visit and send money to these perverted animals who see their women and other love ones as weak, pawns to be used.
How any respectable woman would allow such into their children, “especially little girls”. I’ll never know, for after years of gunning females of all ages, ” What good can a woman do them?”
There have been a number of case where some of these so call Gangsta’s have been paroled only to be arrested again for gunning women and young girls on the street!

The secretary of Florida Department of Corrections with the backing of the Florida senate needs to pass a rule that all gunners be made to dress in hot pink pants ans shirts and all gang members be housed in institutions with other gang members, thus would the officers be able to remove the velvet gloves when dealing with them.
One need not put their hands on such animals, they can be hurt in a number of other ways. To be sure, dressing such in hot pink would kill them, for they would be parading around in the hot pink that sissy’s have longed to wear!

The powers that be opened the doors for those perverts and its high time those powers stood firm to close those doors, other wise neither the nurses who work these institutions nor any other female shall be safe!!
And yes, the love ones of these perverted animals needs to go line to check and see for themselves just what kind of DR’s their so call men have received, I’m sure they would be shocked to learn just how many of their men are sexual predators on the prowl.

William Files


Death Row San Quentin – Bill Clark – I AM LONELINESS !

By Bill Clark


When I tried to run,

you bound me.

Wen I tried to hide,

you found me.

When I tried to breathe,

you strangled me.

When I tried to speak,

you wrangled me.

When I tried to be honest,

you tricked me.

When I tried to be civil,

you kicked me.

When I tried to understand,

you confused me.

When I tried to be strong,

you abused me.

When I tried to be fair,

you cheated me.

When I tried to complete,

you defeated me.

Who are you?

«  I am loneliness » …

Bill Clark

Bill Clark # K-80703


San Quentin SP

San Quentin, CA 94974