Donald Ray Young

Donald Ray Young – California Death Row


Welcome into this beautiful space and time where words carried by the wind transcend. Free flow correspondence with you is my sincere pleasure. With your eyes end ears I venture these walls. In discovering what you feel and see. I find life. Fresh energy. Connecting with your world inspires me to stretch for more. A sharp mind coupled with cared heart is the most beautiful combination I’ve even knows.

Friendship is what I’m searching for. Preparing for better days – I exercise daily while expressing my essence via poetry and painting. Our hearts must never harden. I’m a paralegal with an Associates in Arts degree – still engaged in higher education.

Innocent on death row – I study law to assist in my long overdue exoneration. Life can turn coal into diamonds. In advance of your first missive I send these words:

Thank you

for your trust

and faith


I could not see

Thank you

for your love

and support


I could not breathe

Erroneously convicted

with your help

I can find the key

Freedom is not free

Thank you

Sharing thoughts and ideas is key to building, growing together. I value your insight, intellect and perspectives. Let’s learn from each other. I’m interested in all peoples, cultures and languages. You can honestly talk to me with the rawness of the wind and I’ll talk back. Walk with me as we navigate this journey. The light in your eyes will illuminate the way.

In my mind’s eye I envision creating a family consisting of friends. Drinking deep thoughts awaiting your first missive. My unconquerable dreams infuse me with hope. Maybe I’m the one to brighten your world… or might you enlighten mine?

If my words touch you in some way let me know. As I reach out to you, reach back in by writing directly to me

Donald Ray Young E-78474

P.O Box E-78474

CSP San Quentin

San Quentin – C 94974

This initial step opens the door so you can walk into my life.


FACEBOOK PAGE: Donald Ray Young

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Donald ray Young

PO Bow E-78474

San Quentin, CA 94974