Our association is funded entirely by membership fees, donations and profits from the sale of our publications.

All members of the European Association for Human Rights are volunteers. 

Our income and resources are to be used solely for the purposes listed in our by laws and constitution.

Your donation will be used for our current projects and the association as a whole.

Every donation helps to protect and advance human rights worldwide. 

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Additional information for donors and tax authorities from other EU-countries

Regarding the decision of the European Court of Justice from 2009 in the case of Persche donations to a nonprofit organization registered in another EU-country are tax-deductible as far as the association pursues exclusively and directly charitable and beneficent purposes that would be valid and approved as nonprofit in the donor’s country as well.

The European Association for Human Rights  is tax-approved for the following nonprofit and tax-deductible purposes in France in accordance with the French tax code.