Frequently Asked Questions

What is the European Association for Human Rights?

The European Association for Human Rights is a nonprofit association that is registered in Hénin-Beaumont, France. We work on a voluntary basis which means we do the charity work in our free time next to our regular fulltime jobs. 

What are the goals of the European Association for Human Rights?

The goals of the association are to protect the human rights of people who do not have anyone helping them to protect their basic rights. We will approach this goal by accepting certain projects from throughout the world as funds permit.

What are the projects?

Our current projects are centered around the senseless murders that occur in Texas. We created a strategy that will help us help prisoners who first arrive on Texas death row, prisoners’ cases and their kids. These goals will be accomplished within our Texas death row project. Within the Texas death row project are the following.

  • Protected childhood: protected childhood is geared towards helping the death row prisoners’ children in Texas. We believe that this is a major factor that is being neglected within the anti-death-penalty movement. We try to help these kids with school supplies, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, everyday living and therapy if needed.

  • Letters to Texas death row: with this project we allow selected Texas death row prisoners the chance to place ads asking for pen friends.

  •  Justice for Gerald Marshall: Gerald Marshall has been on death row since 2004 and his human      rights have been violated because Texas continued to pay attorneys to purposely fail him. This will  result in an innocent person being executed.

  • Care packages for prisoners: this project is geared towards helping prisoners who do not have the proper help on Texas death row. We will also help every new prisoner that comes to death row by sending hygiene products, writing supplies and some snacks to help them get acquainted to Texas death row.

  • Texas death penalty education: the Texas death penalty education project is geared towards educating the public as well as prisoners on Texas death row about important facts regarding the death penalty as well as conditions and rules on Texas death row.

How are the projects selected?

Our association is about positive results. So we do not take a lot of projects. Instead we take projects where we know that we can be successful.

In the case of Gerald Marshall we took his case after careful research. We read his entire guilt and punishment phase of his trial. Read all of his appeals, then in addition to that we talked to a prosecutor about his rights being violated and his innocence. A lot of work went into taking Gerald’s case, and we are confident with the right attorneys we will be successful in protecting his human right from being violated.

We would like to take other cases in future, but we will first do so when we have more people helping with these cases. We also will not just take a case that someone thinks that we should take because this is their friend or family member. We sympathize with them, but at the same time we must explain again that a lot of research went into taking the case we represent now. Until we have the funds and volunteers to save another prisoner’s life we will not take another case. We hope that this will change in the near future with donations and more active volunteers, because we believe the way to abolish the death penalty is by providing the very best representation possible.

As far as our other projects, like protected childhood, children are selected through a family member or the prisoner himself. There must be a family member there to help giving the gifts to the kids. Care packages for prisoners works a whole lot simpler. Prisoners will be sent foods/hygiene through an electronic commissary ran by TDCJ. Lastly our pen pal project is geared towards helping those prisoners on Texas death row who have had a hard time finding pen friends. Because so many other associations have almost ALL death row prisoners on their sites, we will only post a few with the hopes that they will find the proper friends.

How can someone support the European Association for Human Rights?

The association is a registered non-profit association. People can help by making contributions via donations. Donations will fund our projects and help us function, the more donations we get the better we can support our projects.

People can also help by being members as well. We have various membership levels. More importantly we need more active members, people who want to get involved with our projects to ensure that we succeed.