Justice for Gerald Marshall

Who is Gerald Marshall?

Gerald Marshall is a 33 years old man who was born in Bell County Texas to drug addicted parents. Because of neglect and abuse Gerald grew up in a foster home where he suffered more abuse and neglect until he was put out by his foster mother at the age of 18.

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At 20 years old Gerald was arrested for capital murder. Court records show that Gerald was minimally involved in a fake robbery in 2003, where his co defendant entered a restaurant and shot a worker.

We believe Gerald is legally innocent of this crime. A person is legally innocent when he is charged with the wrong crime, and convicted of it. Gerald is legally innocent of killing the worker Christopher Dean.


At Gerald trial he was represented by an attorney who was representing a different defendant for capital murder. Because this attorney was representing two defendants at the same time he whole heatedly failed Gerald which resulted in Gerald falsely being charged and convicted of shooting me. Dean.

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Detailed information about Gerald Marshall’s case

Information about eyewitness (mis)identification


STATE APPEALS – Unqualified attorney during appeals process.

Gerald Marshall’s first appeal was denied. For his second appeal he was given another court-appointed attorney. He gave Gerald the belief that he would investigate all undiscovered evidence and look into the obvious procedural errors and submit them to the court for the appeal. But actually only a minimum of the compiled facts have been filed to the court. When the attorney has been mentioned in connection with other proceedings concerning his unqualified work in a newspaper report by name, he withdrew from the case.

Gerald was given yet another court-appointed attorney. This man was also known through press and TV for his extremely negligent work. Several times he missed crucial deadlines for appeals, which ultimately led to the execution of his clients by lethal injection. Since this attorney was appointed to Gerald’s case, he has not corresponded with Gerald at all. He doesn’t even respond to his letters. 

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Gerald is currently in front of Federal Judge Kenneth Hoyt. He filed his federal writ on the 19th of November 2015, and filed it times. The attorneys now representing Gerald is Andrew Spaniol from Bryan Cave.com . He took Gerald’ s case pro bono after being contacted by our association during our research for Gerald Marshall better representation that he had at the state level.

The firm has a limited budget to work on Gerald’s case, but has hired several specialized investigators such as Fact, and mitigation experts. Eye Witness Experts. But they have reached their budget and we are trying to promote their efforts.

There has been numerous things that have great for Gerald’s chances of getting off death row and hopefully obtaining a sentence he can do to where he can go home to his young son. Some of the evidence is that Gerald’s co defendant had bloody clothes after the store fake robbery, and they were thrown away by his girl friend. Police officers talked to this girl and she said that she saw this persons bloody clothes and she threw them away, but Gerald’s attorney never talked to this girl. Had this girl been contacted and testified at Gerald’s trial he would have never been on death row. Or wrongly convicted.

There is additional evidence that Gerald’s co defendant robbed a different tore directly before they went to the store where Mr Dean was killed , and significant evidence was left there by Gerald’s co defendant that showed he had the murder weapon shortly before Mr Dean was killed.

None of this evidence was brought up at Gerald’s trial and it was clearly that had it been Gerald would not have been here on death row or wrongly convicted.


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You also can support Gerald by sending money to his prison account. He needs living expenses support. You can read more about Gerald at geraldmarshall.org