Justice for Mabry Landor

WHO IS Mabry J. Landor III?

Mabry Landor was born on August 31st 1980 in Houston, TX. He entered Texas Death Row in 2010 after being convicted of capital murder. Court records as well as other documentation show there are multiple contradictions leading up to the fact Mabry is legally innocent. A person is legally innocent when he is charged with the wrong crime and convicted of it.



At Mabry´s trial he was represented by an attorney who not only openly spoke of his client as guilty but also failed to prepare his client for the trial in a sufficient way. It´s no secret most of the attorneys of his county are constantly overworked, defending multiple clients at the same time, there for missing crucial deadlines and meetings and additionally are battling lack of time and limited financial resources. A fate Mabry suffered also. Insufficient legal representation in trial is a fate shared by many and sadly not uncommon in today´s justice system.


Mabry´s first appeal, the direct appeal, was denied which is pretty regular. Why is it “regular”? There´s no way it´s sufficiently arguing the issues properly such as ineffective assistance of counsel. This is because defendants can´t get their transcripts in time for the writ to be filed. Which is extreme hindrance. The state´s second appeal “state habeas”, Mabry was appointed counsel. A counsel who promised to provide him with his transcript, as well as allow him to participate in the fight for his life. Unfortunately, it was a lie. Mabry first realized this when his attorney stood up in the middle of their meeting and said “The man is dead!” interrupting Mabry while he was attempting to point out the things that didn´t add up. The attorney also went to family members under the pretense that Mabry had confessed to him in order to prepare an affidavit that would show his guilt. When Mabry expressed his stance on what the counsel had done, counsel then doctors the affidavit to an “indirect” show of guilt. By the time this was found out the writ was filed. Mabry immediately wrote everyone – judges, state bar, etc. to no avail. The writ stayed and the lawyer did as well. This was the year 2011. When Mabry´s counsel found out about his filings he stopped all communication with him and his family. Mabry didn´t hear from him again until 01. 2016. Five years had passed with not one response to his letters.


Mabry is currently in the federal phase off his appeals where judge Melinda Harmon resides. Mabry is represented by the capital habeas unit out of Tennessee. Specifically, Ms. Gretchen Swift and Mr. Jerome del Pino. They have found an abundance of evidence that wasn´t available for the trial counsel. Mabry´s writ as of today has not been filed so the details of his case can´t be mentioned. At least not in their entirety. One prosecutor seeing over Mabry´s trial has recently been fired for how she practiced the law. A practice where evidence wasn´t of importance. At least not the evidence that would clear Mabry´s name. The fact the victim in this case was a Houston police officer things became almost impossible. A characterization had already been cast. There wasn´t any evidence in Mabry´s case other than a coerced confession – a 20-minute tape of the interrogation. An interrogation involving a suspect who had been shot at, threatened and promised that he would beat the death penalty. The only other evidence was a witness. Contradicting of herself as well as other witnesses. In other states a partial video tape would automatically be inadmissible mainly because claims of coercion could barely be disputed. There would always be reasonable doubt. And rightfully so. The jury can´t see everything that took place. Had this law been in place in Texas Mabry would´ve never been convicted.


The state´s sole eyewitness was what concreted the conviction. What was clear was that the woman was insecure about what she was stating. She was unsure about the amounts of shots she heard, and contradicted the state´s theory that the victim was ambushed. One of the other witnesses who claimed to have been seeing Mabry described the exact opposite from what happened to how he wore his clothes and where the gun was concealed. This said witness went down to the parking lot of the apartment complex where Mabry was brought to do what´s called a “show up”. This was done for the purpose to identify Mabry. When he came into view of the witness the office asked “Do you notice anything different about him?” This was suggestive identification. The officer was implying that who the man was looking at was in fact the shooter. The witness was then taken to the station to view photos. He was presented a photo array which Mabry was one of the six. This is another form of suggestive identification. On top of this Mabry was the only one that fit the description in the line-up. The only one with a mark on his face and his picture was brightened and enlarged. Strangely the first witness did not participate in the show up. She didn´t go to the station until the next day to view the photo array. Due to the on-going investigation in this case further information is considered confidential and therefore not accessible for public right now.


We believe that Mabry is innocent of the crime he was convicted of. Our hope is that with the on-going investigation of his case and a sufficient legal representation he´ll get a new trial in which the new found evidence can be presented and hopefully prove Mabry did not commit the crime he has been sitting on Death Row for. Imagine you had to spend years of your life waiting for your death when someone else committed the crime you´ve been incarcerated for. Imagine you were left alone by your lawyer, who´s supposed to be your voice and your guide through the legal jungle of trials, writs and deadlines. Imagine you had to leave your family alone, your kids, your parents knowing you could not come back just because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Imagine you get arrested out of one of the US most corrupt counties and charged with a crime because of your heritage and your criminal record. We feel deeply sorry for the loss of the officer harmed and killed in this crime and we don´t wish this pain and devastation upon anyone.

In order to help Mabry please consider sending a small amount to his account via ecomm or JPay. You can also make a contribution to our non-profit to support this project. Since Mabry´s not allowed any privileges and to work he has no way to provide for himself and is dependent on the help from outside. You can also consider sending a small amount for stamps and paper for example.

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If you want to write Mabry, please send your correspondence to the following address:

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He will also write overseas and be very grateful for everyone reaching out.