Creativity in the Midst of Chaos: Poetry and Art from Texas Death Row

History has shown us numerous time how strong the human will can be. Prisoners of the Nazi's have wrote about how they chose poems to recite that they all knew to maintain their sanity. When I first came to death row in 2004, I marveled at the level of sanity amongst the Men on Texas death row. There are men who have been on Texas death row for over 30 years, but still maintain their sanity. They still wake up with a smile, upset, generally aware that their isolated life is still apart of this world. This book however is about those of us who weather the storms of isolation and try to maintain our sanity. Those two things are Poetry and Art. The Poetry in this book was not composed by accomplished Poets but by men who decided that Poetry would be one way for them to further themselves mentally and to fight their isolation. The Art has been accomplished through minimal supplies but has the composition and vibrancy of accomplished artists. The men who donated their Art and Poetry to the European Association for Human Rights, hope that you come away touched by the poetry and amazed by the Art.

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