The death penalty is a scourge that still affects many countries in the world.
Many of us fight against it, demanding the right to life, denouncing the barbarity and inhumanity behind prison walls.

Today, together let us show solidarity in our point of view! in Our engagement! in Our struggle to save lives!

And support our friends, families on death row by wearing this T-shirt. Lets go to meetings against the death penalty wearing our t-shirt.

That we are proud to show world that we stand and fight for life! that we fight for true justice (FOR ALL)! And above all we are all united against the death penalty!

This fight is not in vane! It's not isolated. Many of us around the world are active in this fight to purge the earth of this barbaric and archaic practice of Systematic Premeditated Sanctioned Murder! Let us stand together proud and committed until the abolition of the death penalty. As ONE !

T-shirt  100% cotton, Short sleeve
Slim fit and modern. Unisex.

Available sizes:
S    M    L    XL    2XL

  = France

 = All other countries in the world


Price: $29.00

Shipping: $5.00

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