The families of the victims

The first persons we think about are the victims. It’s a fact that without murder there would be no death penalty. We think of the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands and wives; indeed all of the family.

We do not work without having this cruel dilemma deep in our hearts. Life as well as death is a given.

Quite simply and humbly, we do not forget the victims as well as the families of the victims. You can count on our support without hypocrisy but with our humanity.

The condemned must have a fair trial, which is rarely the case. And of course, there were no fair circumstances for the victim. Yes, provoked by cowardice, fear, hate, the condemned has killed.

Murder too often is linked to sociological causes, this society which we transform into acts of animal cruelty. We do not cede to this cruelty, we do not add more blood to blood.

This is our declaration of faith, that we battle in peace. For justice, not for revenge.

Thank you.