What is the European Association for Human Rights?

The European Association for Human Rights  is an organization that campaigns for the promotion, advancement and protection of human rights and the promotion, monitoring and support of people in emergencies at national and international level. It is aimed at members of different nations. Currently we have members from France, Germany, England, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and the USA. The association is registered in France. The association is aimed at people in special situations to help them overcome their social, financial, health, mental or emotional difficulties. The promotion, monitoring and support of the association can be realized on an emotional, moral, organizational and financial level.

Our association is mainly promoting the welfare of prisoners. Our work is especially focused on taking care for Death Row prisoners and their children and abolishing the death penalty. 

Many people on death row are dismissed in their search for help and support from the established human rights organizations. There is a lack of capacity or the project is not sufficiently effective in advertising. Our association especially wants to support people who are already looking for help of non-profit organizations for a long time.

We decided to focus on quality rather than quantity. We don’t work superficial on a large number of projects, but very intensive on a few selected projects. This way it is possible to realize a project successful and to really help the people in distress appropriately.

More information and answers to questions can be read here.